Sunday, July 7, 2013

Trial and Error

Airbrushed on the final copper paint.
One of the final cast of the bases. Turned out pretty great this time around with little to no bubbles.
All cleaned up with primer. 
I guess my kitty (Moss) likes watching resin dry. I don't blame him. It's flippin awesome.

After the print is finished, it is time to give the resin a 90-proof isopropol alchohol bath. This removes any uncured resin from the model.
It is stuck to the platform, I use a spatula to scrape it off.
One of the failed prints. A little adjustment on how  the bust attached to the support structures made all the difference.
The Ferengi attached to the platform completed. The first version of this model failed on me, so I was happy to see this one come out good.
Print is done and is being suspended by magic, and maybe some resin support structures.

Sending off a print, we got a laptop permanently attached to the printer at my desk.


  1. Hi Rob, I'm a 3d modeler as well and I own an ultimaker 3d printer, which is already really cool. I have been very interested in the From1 but had not seen yet any modeller using it. And man, the result looks very impressive, my printer does not get anywhere close to that. I think I'm going to start to save up. Thanks for posting those images

  2. Hi Oliver, thanks sir! It is a great printer for the cost, especially through kickstarter, which was $1k cheaper than retail. There should be a lot more consumer grade .25micron printers coming out in the near future so keep a look out!

  3. well done! congratulation! :)

    is the "base" made by form1 resin or other resin? .. and the form1 can use other resin?