Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Stand up - sit down. Why not both?

Happy New Year everyone! I figure let's get this started by sharing my fist project of the new year. I rebuilt my workspace and I wanted to share with you my new adjustable height desk. I got the frame of it from Amazon here. On top I am using a cheap-o-ikea tabletop, I was able to mount that and my monitor arms on the back with the addition of a piece of hardwood and some metal hardware. I have my large monitor on an arm now and I am waiting to get the backplate for the Cintiq so they can both be on arms. Should be all finished off by next week!

Frame assembly. Fairly easy and it is very sturdy!!

Mandatory cat-in-box photo while building said desk. 

Almost complete. Sliding the old tabletop onto the new frame. This was easy because of the adjustability. 

Desk in down position (top) and up position (bottom)

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  1. Superb workplace, the table with adjustable height is wonderful idea ! Wonder if sculpting in standing position would make significant difference and will relieve the backpain ?

    Anyway, would you mind telling what is the author of the two sculpting books that are shown in the pictures?