Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stoick the Vast 3D Print Video and More!

Below are some stills from the Stoick assembly process, check em out!
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Model: DreamWorks Animation
3D Print: Robert Vignone
3D Printer: Form 1 by Formlabs

The final print weighing in at a height of 8" from bottom to top. Completely solid resin!

Painting and prepping as the parts come together.

Stoick in my paintbox being primed and cleaned.

Spraying the cape

The mess that ensued during my assembly!

This is my Makerspace.

The base was printed hollow and then filled with smooth-on 2 part resin.

glued the key to match the bases together.

Putting the pieces out to dry.

Some beauty shots.

The coat is sharp. Watch out.

Picture Dean, myself and the 3D Print!

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